Monica Vinader


Beauty and My Struggle for Perfection


There is a thin line between beauty and perfection. But let’s face it no one is perfect. Unless of course you are Lisa from Weird Science or a genetically modified Russian model. And, that’s where beauty comes in to ‘fix’ things. Of course, some of us are more lucky than others – unfortunately, I am not one of the lucky ones.

I do have cellulite, puffy eyes, wrinkles and what they call ‘combination skin’ which means oily and dry at the same time and prone to outbreaks. And oh yes, I am in desperate need of a tan!

To be honest, I have an exhaustive list. And that’s how I found my best friend in the beauty industry. Some would say we have a one-sided relationship. But I think it works just perfectly! The industry sets the standards for perfection and I spend a tremendous amount of money trying to live up to them. Yes beauty doesn’t come cheap. Use that ‘discount voucher’ for botox and you end up walking around with a droopy eyelid.

5 Simple Truths

As long as I remember, I have always been obsessed with cosmetics. However, it has taken me years and countless trips to skin clinics to find products and treatments that actually work for my skin. I was determined to get that permanent supermodel healthy glow and even skin tone that we see on the covers of magazines – little did I know about Photoshop!


After struggling for years, I finally came to the simple realization that:

1. nothing is permanent

2. we are what we eat and drink

3. creams, balms and serums can only improve the appearance of your skin (upper epidermis) for a day at most

4. if you really want a semi-permanent result, you need to turn to stronger internal treatments (supplements, surgery, injectables, laser etc..)  and these are pricey… 

5. sleep, sleep, sleep… zzzzzz

We are lucky to have a market that is over-flowing with countless beauty products and treatments. But there are so many how do we know which ones to choose? Which PR campaign can we trust? What are the products and treatments that actually do make a difference to our appearance? Which ones are worth spending money on?

The Birth of My Beauty Insider

2014 was the year to get serious! Most likely, it had something to do with the fact that I was in my 30’s or that I now had a child. I was ready for more adventurous and invasive treatments in the name of beauty. Surprised by how little unbiased information I found online, I decided to put a team of qualified experts together to help me on my quest for perfection and conducted thorough beauty market research. Following the research, I spent two years in and out of London’s most exclusive skin clinics and beauty salons having the latest treatments available to the market.

Two years later, My Beauty Insider was born. And now a lawyer turned beauty blogger (aka me) is thrilled to share this experience with you.

Our Mission

My Beauty Insider informs you of the latest news and innovations in the beauty industry and provides honest opinion to readers based on personal experience. In other words, it’s a one-stop shop for information on the best products and treatments.

Finally, I would like to say that your input would mean a lot to us. So please comment, ask questions and let us know if there are any particular product and treatment you would like to know about.

Maria M.

Founder & Editor in Chief