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5 Mistakes You Might Be Making In Your Anti-Ageing Routine

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5 Mistakes You Might Be Making In Your Anti-Ageing Routine
5 Mistakes You Might Be Making In Your Anti-Ageing Routine

Most of us want to look younger than our age, and thanks to modern science  – 30 is the new 20, 40 is the new 30 and so on… Nowadays, you can easily look younger by simply choosing the correct anti-ageing skincare products and make-up. However, the most important lesson we’ve learned, is that the most effective way to defy the ageing process is to take good care of our skin, long before the first signs of wrinkles. It’s all about prevention rather than cure!

1.When Can We Start Using Anti-Ageing Skincare

Experts continue to argue about the right age to start an anti-aging skincare regime. The plain answer is: there’s no single rule – it’s different for everyone. However, their is general agreement that a good skincare routine should start from youth. It’s important to get in the habit of taking care of your skin as early as possible. Even if it’s just washing your face before bedtime or applying sunblock in the morning. As time passes, you might expand your routine to adapt to your skin’s needs.

2. Skin Imperfections Than Cannot Be Fixed

There is a generally accepted view that there are some skin imperfections that cannot be fixed and are therefore best left alone. This is not exactly correct. You might not be able to solve these problems on your own. But with the help of a competent specialist, you can get rid of most imperfections. It all depends on how much time, energy and money you’re willing to spend.

3. Adapting Skincare To Your Skin’s Needs

Most of us tend to forget that a wide variety of factors, such as seasons, diet, travel, different time zones and stress, have a tremendous impact on our skin. Therefore, we need to adapt our skincare regimes to suit our skin’s needs, environment and lifestyle. Instead of following advertising campaigns, listen to your body. As a rule, dermatologists take these external factors into consideration when assessing your skin’s condition, prior to recommending any cosmetic products or treatments.

4. Loyalty To One Brand

Sometimes when we find a product that does miracles for our skin, we find ourselves rushing back to the store to buy the rest of the product line from that same brand.  If one product works well on your skin, it doesn’t mean the rest of the products from the same brand will too. So, please ignore any labels that start with the words ‘best used with…’ and instead pay attention to the ingredients. Moreover, the product you liked initially, might not work on your skin all year around. Our skin’s needs are highly dependent on our environment and lifestyle.

5. Choosing The Correct Ingredients

I would strongly suggest seeing a dermatologist prior to choosing your skincare regime. Believe me, you’ll save money in the long term. However, if you decide to chose products on your own, then read the labels carefully and search for the right ingredients; if you’re after moisture, you need look for the Hyaluronic Acid and Ceramides , for regeneration – Retinol and Peptides, for prevention – Antioxidants, and finally exfoliating products should contain AHAs.




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