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Six Reasons Why You Can Trust Beauty Blogger's Advice!
Why You Can Trust A Beauty Blogger!

Thanks to blogging, it’s never been easier to express ourselves, share opinions and experiences with each other. Ten years ago when I wanted to know about the latest fashion or skincare product, I would run to the local newsagent and buy as many magazines as I could carry. Nowadays things are much easier, all I have to do is get my phone out and google. It’s way more informative to see ‘the girl next door’ applying a facemask and showing you the results than a perfectly photoshopped 20 year old model on the page of a magazine. Instagram and YouTube are overflowing with the ‘how to contour videos’ – it almost seems like you can learn to do anything through social networks!

This new phenomenon gave birth to a profession – The Blogger. It’s not a secret anymore that most us (bloggers) get paid in one way or another for doing what we do, of course only if we are good at it. And rightly so, it’s a full time job and a good blog is expensive to run. Photoshoots, hosting, SEO all cost money. And I haven’t even mentioned all the time bloggers put into their work.

So, How Can We Trust A Beauty Blogger To Tell Us The Truth?

When it comes to fashion and lifestyle, it’s quite clear – you buy what you see. But when it comes to beauty, things become more complicated. How do we know whether the ‘girl next door’ isn’t lying to us? After all, she gets paid by a company to promote their mask for example. This is the question that I’m constantly being asked by my friends.

So after blogging for a year and learning more about the industry, here are a few reasons why we, Beauty Bloggers, deserve your trust:

  1. In the first few years, Beauty Bloggers get paid very little or nothing at all. They just follow their passion – believe me there’re very few bloggers out there who start a blog just to make money;
  2. Beauty Bloggers have a choice – the minute you establish yourself, PR companies literally bury you in product samples;
  3. Affiliate Links – most Beauty Bloggers make their money through third party affiliate links sales (a company that connects publishers and advertisers) rather than through paid reviews; for instance I’m an affiliate member of SpaceNK, Boots, John Lewis, Cult Beauty, Beauty Bay and many more. This means I have a wide variety of products to blog about. I can truly chose my favourite products to write about and post them on my blog with an affiliate link;
  4. When a company pays for a promotion a Beauty Blogger is legally obliged to disclose this partnership. So usually you will see words such as ‘sponsored’ ‘paid promotion’ ‘ad’ next to the post. Moreover, a Beauty Blogger will test the product prior to agreeing to such promotion;
  5. Good Reputation helps us grow – Beauty Bloggers often work to their own detriment to gain readers’ trust. A good Beauty Blogger knows how to say ‘no’ to a product that is just not good enough.
  6. Negative Reviews – I’m not a big fan of negative reviews, I prefer to just not review a product. However, I’m not afraid to mention the negatives in my reviews either – most Beauty Bloggers do and should.

So, next time you read a  review online, I hope you feel more confident about trusting a Beauty Blogger’s advice!

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I'm a London based beauty researcher who is continuously on the hunt for the preventative and corrective skincare products and treatments and award-winning spas around the globe.

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  • Heramoon says:

    Beauty Bloggers are reviewer who have ever used some specific products, and it’s great when they share the feeling after use

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