Bioslimming Super Trio – Can You Beat Cellulite?

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Bioslimming Super Trio - Can You Really Beat Cellulite?
Bioslimming Super Trio – Can You Beat Cellulite?

Mirror Mirror on the wall what makes me slimmest (and cellulite free) of them all? According to research, 85% – 98% of women ask this question daily. In fact, cellulite is so common we shouldn’t even consider it an imperfection. But although we live in an imperfect world, perfectly photo-shopped magazine covers set our beauty standards. We continuously invest in expensive creams and lotions that appear on the market with a promise to beat that stubborn orange peel. At some point one cannot help but wonder whether we can win this war.  In this article, I would like to tell you about the Bioslimming Trio that I recently came across. This is the only product so far that’s made me feel that I am at least halfway through the battle.

So, how can we reduce the appearance of cellulite? Having a pear-shaped figure, I’ve been obsessed since my teens with finding a miracle treatment and dreamt of having perfectly smooth thighs. After trying tons of creams and treatments, I finally realized that unfortunately, there is no permanent solution to orange peel. The good news is that there are a few good treatments and products that can help to reduce the appearance of cellulite if maintained on a regular basis.

Following their revolutionary Bioslimming Wrap, which is rumoured to have celebrity fans such as Jessica Alba and Jennifer Aniston, Provence Cosmetics launched Bioslimming Homecare Trio.

This innovative product is highly concentrated in caffeine and essential oils. And it was specifically designed to enhance firming and battle the appearance of fatty deposits and cellulite.

The home-care kit consists of three different ‘magic’ potions. You need to apply the creams one after another before bed or if you are brave enough before exercise.


Active Slim Gel dramatically reduces the appearance of cellulite. It acts on skin firmness and induces fat burning. It stimulates the lymphatic system, activating the elimination of fat and enhances weight loss.

Ingredients: Algae Extracts, Caffeine, Glycerin, Sorbitol, Essential Oil Of Cedarwood, Lavender Oil, Thermo Agents.


Active Slim Cream offers a dramatic breakthrough in the reduction of rebel fat from the hips, stomach, waist and arms. The stomach appears flatter and firmer. It targets cellulite, enhances weight loss and improves the appearance of stretch marks.

Ingredients: Fucus Vesiculosus (Algae) Extract, Caffeine, Ivy Extract, Horse Chestnut Extract Shea Butter, Lavender Oil, Cedarwood Oil, Thermo Agents.


Ultra Slim Effect is extremely effective at slimming and enhancing weight loss. It improves circulation, has anti- inflammatory properties and reduces the feeling of “Heavy Legs”. It helps reduce the formation of new adipocytes, inhibits fat synthesis, boosts the elimination of fat with its draining action.

Ingredients: Active Thermo Agent With Menthol, Horse Chestnut Extract, Witch Hazel Extract, E. Oil Of Rosemary, Ivy Extract, Extracts Of Niaouli and Eucalyptus.

Does it work?

I religiously used Bioslimming Trio for two weeks, every other day, in conjunction with VelaShape, healthy nutrition and exercise. I lost about 3-4 kg and definitely saw a significant improvement in my skin tone. My skin became smoother and firmer, with a sensation of lightness after each treatment.

Normally, I would apply the product after having a shower just before going to bed. I could not bring myself to use it during the day due to its strong Eucalyptus smell.

I have to say this is the strongest anti-cellulite product that I have encountered so far. You literally feel your fat ‘burn’!

Once you thoroughly rub in all three creams, you get a very unpleasant sensation for about 30 minutes. Thankfully, it’s not painful. I experienced a tingly/cold/burning feeling and an intense redness on the treated area. Initially I got scared that I might have an allergic reaction.  Apparently it’s quite normal and as you continue with the treatments your skin adapts to the product and reacts less and less dramatically each time. Despite feeling cold during the treatment through the night, I would find my PJs soaked in sweat by the morning.

My therapist even suggested wrapping myself in cling film. Cling film would probably have enhanced the results by making me sweat more. I didn’t use cling film – in fact, the only thing that I did wrap in cling film that evening was half of my dinner, which I ate for lunch the following day. I thought that kind of portion control was a slightly better approach to loosing inches.

My Beauty Insider Says

In spite of the discomfort, I would definitely recommend Bioslimming. Whilst I didn’t notice an enormous size decrease, the appearance of my skin visibly improved. My silhouette looked slimmer and smoother and I absolutely loved the sensation of lightness after each treatment. After all, in my book if it hurts, stings, or burns – it must be working!

Please do not expect any dramatic effect. Bioslimming is definitely not a weight loss solution but it is a great treatment to have to boost your confidence before going on a beach holiday.

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I'm a London based beauty researcher who is continuously on the hunt for the preventative and corrective skincare products and treatments and award-winning spas around the globe.

  • Touraine says:

    I found your blog following a forum on Mumsnet about cellulite. I’m tempted to try bioslimming trio, but don’t seem to be able to buy it online from a UK website.
    Would you be able to advise where to buy it from in London, or on a UK website?

    Thank you!

    • Hello! Thank you for your message. Since this is a very strong treatment comparing to over-the-counter products, it is normally sold only in clinics. I bought it from Cavendish Clinic in Marylebone. I suggest to call them first in case they don’t have it in stock then they’ll order it in for you. Once you try it, could you please let me know your opinion about this product?

  • Thank you very much Maria for your fantastic review of the Bioslimming Trio. It really is an amazing product for tackling the appearance of cellulite. It has been nominated for “Best Anti-Cellulite Product” The results will be announced at the end of February but until then we are all keeping everything crossed that it wins.
    Many thanks again

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