Getting Rid Of Dark Circles and Puffy Eyes For Good!

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Getting Rid Of Dark Circles and Puffy Eyes For Good!
Getting Rid Of Dark Circles and Puffy Eyes For Good!

Our eyes aren’t just the window to the soul, they also reflect our lifestyle. Tiredness, sleep deprivation, ageing, nutrition, general health issues – your eyes say it all! We all strive for a young and healthy look, but sometimes it’s just impossible to change our lifestyle for one reason or another. Therefore, we seek treatments that will help rid us of our dark circles and eye bags, which make us look exhausted, unwell and older.
Unfortunately, topical treatments don’t have a long lasting effect; or we simply don’t have time or forget to apply them. Believe me, being a mum to a toddler I know the struggle! That’s why I decided to have Tear Trough Treatment. Tear Trough Treatment is an instant, permanent solution to looking healthy and younger – as if you just woke up after 10 hours of beauty sleep.


Lifestyle, health and aging are the most common factors for developing ‘tired eyes’ or as doctors call them ‘tear troughs’. A tear trough is a lack of volume and support around the lower eyelid. It forms a groove from the tear duct area and usually proceeds as a diagonal indentation down the cheek, and/or around the socket of the eye. When we have a groove like this, it casts a shadow, which makes us look constantly tired.

Lucy Banks, who is registered medical practitioner and our consultant says:

“Looking tired is one of the main impetuses for people coming to see me. The eye area is the main focus of the face. It’s the place where people look, to understand how somebody is feeling… Fresh looking eyes are a major asset to the overall appearance of a healthy and youthful looking face…”


The Tear Trough Treatment involves injecting Hylauronic Acid filler into the tear trough. The filler plumps the skin so that light bounces off the area (rather than being drawn into the hollow). The filler illuminates and softens the shadows that have been making us look tired. And voila! Your eye-bags and dark circles are gone!

Despite sounding scary, it’s a fairly painless procedure. However, since the skin around the eye is quite sensitive and susceptible to bruising, it’s normally performed with local anesthetic using a cannula. A cannula is a blunt needle, which significantly reduces the risk of bruising. The whole procedure takes about 60 minutes. However, when a larger quantity of filler is required, the treatment is divided into two sessions a month apart (to avoid bruising). The results last for up to 12 months, depending on how fast your body synthesizes Hylauronic Acid.


After my Tear Trough Injections, I finally wake-up looking fresh every morning regardless how I feel. I was also pleasantly surprised how much younger this procedure instantly made me look. It’s really amazing to see just how much dark circles and puffy eyes can effect our appearance.
It’s probably worth noting that if you decide to have this procedure, make sure you go an experienced practitioner, preferably on the back of a recommendation. Remember, expensive clinics don’t necessarily mean you get a practitioner with extensive experience in injecting. During your consultation, the practitioner should identify the source of dark circles. Not all dark circles are the same. For instance, dark circles due to hyper-pigmentation are best treated with skin lightening creams or lasers.
I personally loved the treatment and would definitely repeat it. I know it was a success because people have stopped asking me if I’m weary or unwell. I’m sure you know how demoralising this kind of question can be, especially when you’re doing your best to maintain a healthy lifestyle. In addition, even though I paid £300 for the treatment, I’ve saved money in long-run by buying fewer expensive eye creams and concealers!

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