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EYELASH EXTENSIONS - Everything You Need To Know
EYES WIDE OPEN – Everything You Need To Know About Eyelash Extensions

It’s amazing to think that the little hairs on our eyelids can make such a difference to our appearance and confidence! The first time I tried eyelash extensions, was two years ago when I was pregnant with my son. Given there were limited beauty treatment options for me at the time, long and thick eyelashes made me feel primped and pampered.

Two years later, and I’m completely addicted to eyelash extensions. I was blessed with natural, long, thick eyelashes. But I always hated mascara. There’s no need for mascara with eyelash extensions. I always wake up with perfect eyelashes, looking fresh and ready to go.

Eyelash extensions are great, if done correctly, and by a professional technician. To ensure no damage against your natural eyelashes or more importantly, your eyes, a technician must have proper training and use only professional products. Think of it as the same as finding a good hair colourist.

What are Eyelash Extensions?

There are three types of extensions: synthetic, silk and mink. Length availability ranges from 6mm to 17mm. They are also available in different thicknesses. You can chose to use different sizes to create more natural, ‘flirty’ or glam look. It really depends on the person’s eyelashes and preference. Usually the eyelash extension is about 1/2 to 1/3 longer then own eyelashes. I prefer a ‘flirty’ look. So, I’m using four sizes: 8 mm, 10 mm, 12 mm and 14 mm, with the longest on the outer corners’ lashes.

The eyelashes are applied one at a time using a semi-permanent glue. It’s not and shouldn’t be painful to apply extensions. Each extension is attached to a single eyelash. A technician should never attach more than one extensions to a single eyelash or the other way around. This may cause clumps, or your natural eyelashes to break or fall-out. Extensions should be applied onto your fully grown lashes, and not onto your “baby” lashes, as these are too weak to hold the weight of the extensions and eventually fall out. Eyelash extensions should feel almost weightless and completely natural.

Applying a full set of eyelashes takes about two hours. It’s a hideously long process! You can opt for a half set but a full set always looks better.

What type of Eyelash Extensions should you pick?

If you have thick, coarse hair, thicker eyelash can work for you. If you have finer hair then thinner synthetic, silk (also synthetic) eyelashes are more suitable, since they’re much lighter. As for mink eyelashes, they suit everyone and achieve a very natural effect. But mink eyelashes are more of a luxury and often cost a lot more. I would recommend going for the synthetic ones.

It may be possible to achieve only a certain length or thickness depending on your natural eyelash condition. If you have short or very thin eyelashes, your natural eyelashes will not be able to support a dramatic effect.

How long do Eyelash Extensions last?

Eyelash extensions last through a full growth cycle of natural eyelashes. Then they’ll fall out naturally along with the natural eyelash. The average cycle is about six to eight weeks. However, you need touch-ups (infills) every two to three weeks, depending on your eyelash growth speed.

Things to avoid with Eyelash Extensions

1. Water for 24 hours after application or touch-ups
2. Heat treatments such as saunas and sunbeds
3. Try not to sleep on them
4. Oil-based products or makeup removers around the eye area
5. Mascara on extensions is not recommended, you won’t need it anyway!
6. Rubbing your eyes or tugging or pulling on the extensions

How to remove makeup around Eyelash Extensions

You need to do this gently. A wet cotton bud with oil-free makeup remover or water can be used to wipe around the eyes. Then you can give your eyelashes a gentle brush.

How much do Eyelash Extensions cost?

Prices vary from region to region. In London a full set costs from £120 – £200, and then you pay £60 – £80 every two-three weeks for the infills.

Do Eyelash Extensions harm or damage your natural eyelashes?

This is an honest review so I’m not going to sugar-coat it for you. Yes! It’s not a myth. Even if applied properly, eyelash extensions weaken your natural eyelashes. Think about it. You are constantly applying glue to your eyelashes. Now we hear a lot about how safe eyelash extension glue is, but not a single eyelash extension glue manufacturer (that we can find) has FDA approval. Some glues are simply within FDA guidelines for not having more than 2% formaldehyde as a preservative. Formaldehyde and other chemicals in glue may cause allergic reactions, dermatitis in sensitive skin or even be toxic to the immune system. Furthermore, eyelash extension glue is often advertised as ‘surgical glue’, which is misleading. It may contain a few of the same ingredients as surgical glue, but it’s not the same. And it’s not used for medical procedures. So please always research the adhesive being used by the technician. A technician should carry out an allergy test prior to applying extensions.

My Beauty Insider says

I always use the best technicians for my eyelash extensions. However, each time I take a break (a few months) from extensions, my eyelashes appear weaker, shorter and thinner. Therefore, I would advise not applying eyelash extensions all year around. Take breaks. Don’t wear mascara while you are taking a break, instead nourish your natural eyelashes with oils and serums. There are some great products such as Lipocils Platinium out there that can help to promote growth and restore your natural eyelashes. And the good news is, eyelashes do grow back.

Despite the damaging factor of eyelash extensions, I still love them. They really open up my eyes making a difference to the way I look as well as feel about myself. Plus eyelash extensions cut down the amount of time I spend getting ready for the day. The best advice I can give, do your research to find an experienced professional, somebody’s work you’ve seen and can trust.

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I'm a London based beauty researcher who is continuously on the hunt for the preventative and corrective skincare products and treatments and award-winning spas around the globe.

  • Louisa says:

    Very informative post. I’ve been getting eyelash extensions for a year now. Perhaps I should consider a break.

  • Monisha says:

    Thank you for providing this very helpful insight! I have been wanting to have eyelash extensions for awhile now but had no clue where to start looking and what things to look for in a technician! I now will embark upon this fantastic world of flirty eyelashes! Thank you!

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