TAKE YOUR FACE TO THE GYM! Face Workouts Are The New Facials

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Take Your Face To The Gym! FaceGym Workouts Are The New Facials
TAKE YOUR FACE TO THE GYM! Face Workouts Are The New Facials

As the era of ‘life in plastic is fantastic’ fades away, non-invasive face lifting and sculpting procedures are gaining more popularity than botox and fillers. Women seem to be more interested in healthy glowing skin rather than completely wrinkle-free skin. It’s all about ageing gracefully by strengthening our bodies from within. And this is why Inge Theron’s FaceGym concept has taken off so well.

Inge Theron, the founder of FaceGym says:

I realised that to truly achieve a natural face lift one needs to look beyond the skin back and work on the muscles and facial framing first – just like I did at Barry’s bootcamp, heartcore pilates and countless yoga sessions. We don’t think twice about toning our muscles at the gym, why think differently about the face?

Did you know that you have 43 muscles in your face alone? That’s 10 times more than your arms! So, in order to keep our face toned, lifted and gravity resistant, we need to put just as much effort into exercising our face as we do our body.


Being a big fan of face sculpting massages and having FaceGym opening up around the corner, I just had to review it! And who can resist a menu including treatments such as “Party Face”, “Holiday Skin”, “Front Row Face” and “Jetlag Cure”!

As I walked into their new branch in Chelsea, I realised that it’s going to be quite a different experience. The first thing I noticed was that there were dog’s bowls with water and treats next to the door, specially designated for four-legged visitors. Being a dog lover, I’m a sucker for anything that makes my life easier with my pooch.

The place didn’t look like a traditional beauty salon at all. In fact, it was more like walking into a really cool gym/bar. Only instead of regular gym equipment, there were comfortable chairs with high-end beauty gadgets and products next to them. And instead of alcohol, behind the bar where I was handed a cocktail menu for my skin, hid countless beauty potions and lotions.

All the therapists or face trainers as they call them there were very chatty and relaxed. They all wore sportswear instead of regular therapist uniforms, which looked super stylish and comfy. The whole atmosphere felt very friendly and calming without any zen relaxation techniques. It was basically like coming to work-out at an ultra cool urban gym.


I had a Holiday Skin facial. This is an advanced workout to detox skin, tone and tighten your facial muscles.

Prior to starting, I was offered a selection of oils to be used during the treatment. I normally cringe at the thought of having oil on my skin but I was reassured that I wouldn’t get any breakouts and all the oils would be thoroughly removed.

Simran, my lovely face-trainer skillfully mixed my oil potion at the bar and we proceeded to the main workout room. As soon as I made myself comfortable on the chair, my workout began with a good cleanse followed by Radio Frequency treatment. Surprisingly, it felt pleasantly warm on my skin and left my skin looking plump, de-puffed and fresh. Simran then continued with the unique FaceGym pro-device that emits mild, yet forceful electrical waves to stimulate muscles. I never felt my face working that hard before. I could feel every single muscle moving – a very strange sensation.

To complete my work out I had a high-intensity cardio circuit massage. It reminded me how I used to laugh while watching my grandma’s morning beauty routine which involved vigorously slapping her own face. But now, I’m regretting not taking tips from her. The woman definitely knew what she was doing.

At the end of the workout, Simran removed all the oil and applied some wonderful products containing stem cells and hyaluronic acid, which my skin absorbed in seconds.

My Beauty Insider says

I didn’t just like my experience at FaceGym, I got completely addicted to it. Despite my face feeling slightly sore (just like it should after a good workout) I loved how fresh, plumped and radiant my skin looked. I glowed for days after just one treatment, talking about facial that works! My mood was elevated and I received quite a few compliments. Will I be back? – My appointment is already booked!



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I'm a London based beauty researcher who is continuously on the hunt for the preventative and corrective skincare products and treatments and award-winning spas around the globe.

  • Jane says:

    This Facegym concepts sounds far out but it actually makes sense. You’re right, people go to the gym to tone their muscles and keep their body in shape, and the same concept should apply to the 43 muscles in our face. After all, if we don’t keep those muscles toned underneath the skin, just like with our body, the skin has nothing to support it and you start to sag and look flabby. Great writeup will share!

  • Rain says:

    I love how natural this experience was for you. I hope I can get to experience a face gym as well in my own country someday! 😀 I think it’ll be a hit.

  • Mau says:

    I honestly thought you’ll be doing facial exercises in FaceGym. 🙂 This is an interesting concept and something I’d like to try myself.

  • Charlene G says:

    When I saw Face Gym, I thought it would be like some kind of face dance or other silly stuff. Lol! But I’d definitely love to try this, I’m into taking good care of my skin and every woman deserves to be pampered! Much love! x

  • Mikaella Clair says:

    This is all I ever needed! Facials, peelings, leveled up in a better way. I would definitely book an appointment right away. Take meeee now!

  • Anne says:

    I’ve been to a lot of facial clinics and been quite satisfied with their services. But I’m trying to look for an alternative experience. Having read about FaceGym makes me want to try them out when I get the chance. Thank for the info

  • Lovely says:

    I really want to go to this kind of spa treatment. Sometimes you need to treat yourself after all the hard work.

  • Glad says:

    To be candid i never knew we had 43 muscles in our face, i am a sucker for anthing natural. This face gym therapy is just the best, take care of your skin instead of going through plastic surgery. Thanks for the review.

  • Therese Marie Y. Baguio says:

    FaceGym is really a go-to place for those who want to age gracefully or for those who just want to pamper themselves. I love the treatment names Holiday Skin, Party Face, Jetlag Cure, and Front Row Face.

  • Lovely Quezon says:

    Thank you for this post! It is true that you also need to exercise and stimulate your facial muscles. FaceGym is really innovative to provide exercises to rejuvenate and revitalize the face.

  • Elaine says:

    From the name itself “FaceGym” I’m sure it’s a great workout for the face. Since I do a lot of traveling, I’d like to try the Jet Lag Cure. Perhaps someday when I can get to be near one of it’s branches.

  • Anna says:

    You look great! I would definitely want to experience the facial massage. The video is nice to watch I would want to have one right away..lol. When you’re of age you would really want to give yourself some pampering and I think this one is a great choice. I am really lovin’ all your beauty tips!

  • Hari Priya says:

    On seeing the title I thought it is about some exercises and workouts for our face but after reading your article I am totally surprised. I have never come across any procedures like this before. I love the way technology has influenced the beauty industry. I think these procedures will help us in having a healthy and glowing skin. I will definitely share this with my friends.

  • Olive says:

    Our face needs an exercise too. This is a way better option than botox.

  • Mumarticles says:

    This is the first time I’ve heard about FaceGym and it sounds lovely. Now I want to try it and will be on the lookout in my country.

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