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NEFERA BY KAZEM SKINCARE – Revolutionary Anti-Aging Peptide Formula

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NEFERA BY KAZEM SKINCARE - Revolutionary Anti-Aging Peptide
NEFERA BY KAZEM SKINCARE – Revolutionary Anti-Aging Peptide Formula

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Let me rephrase it, how much would you pay for an anti-aging cream that could actually reverse time?
The first time I heard about Nefera was seven years ago when it was still work in progress. I remember Dr Kazem telling me about this unique peptide that he discovered, while testing samples of raw materials for his new skincare line. He was so enthusiastic about the prospect of incorporating it into his skincare products. I recall him telling me: “Maria, I could actually revolutionise skincare with this ingredient! Delivering it through the skin is challenging but I’m hoping to find a way.”

So you can imagine how thrilled I was when I recently received the final product, years later. The culmination of ten years of research, patience, and a commitment to finally get this extraordinary product onto the market!


If you read my article about peptides, you would know that peptides vary significantly, due to their different properties and potencies. Moreover, most peptides are synthetic and have a very heavy molecular weight and therefore, most don’t have the ability to penetrate the skin. And this is what makes Nefera different.

Nefera is a completely natural peptide, extracted via a clean process (natural enzymatic hydrolysis) from Pollock (the fish). During research at SQTS labs in Switzerland, the team discovered that it is a highly potent ingredient on many levels:

  1. The stimulation of cell growth – it’s ability to rejuvenate cells is ten times more than that of placenta extract;
  2. It’s unique activation of immune response and in skin healing;

However, as with any other peptide, its molecular weight remained too heavy for skin penetration. Unlike other skincare brands using peptides, Dr Kazem was determined to tackle this issue; and he eventually succeeded through the use of nanotechnology, whilst achieving 92% skin penetration.

Dr Kazem says:

“Discovering this miracle peptide wasn’t enough on its own. We had to think how we can deliver it to the inner cell level of skin through topical application. I wanted to create a universal anti-aging product that is completely natural, actually worked and was suitable for even the most sensitive skin types. And it’s only with help of the modern nanotechnology that we were finally able to bring this highly potent and unique product to the market.”

With the help of German company Rovi Cosmetics which specializes in development and production of delivery systems for dermal applications, Dr Kazem found a way to encapsulate the peptide into ‘nanosomes’. Nanosomes act as a transportation vehicle to get particles through the skin. Once nanosomes penetrate the skin, enzymes degrade them and release the active ingredient.


Nefera Skincare products by Kazem Aesthetica are pricey and for a good reason. The technology behind it isn’t cheap. But it’s because of this technology, the highly potent peptide is able to reach the deepest level of your skin allowing the product to work on the cellular level rather than just on the surface. Hence, it’s remarkable ability to restore and renew your skin’s natural collagen.

All Nefera products contain a very high concentration of Nefera peptide. Alongside the peptide, they also include Vitamin A, C, and E and encapsulated active oxygen. Moreover, Dr Kazem carefully thought about the packaging of his products. Purposefully divided into 10mg portions, their impressive packaging isn’t just convenient for travel but it’s also superior for keeping the light and air-sensitive ingredients stable. Believe it or not, packaging makes a vital difference when it comes to skincare products.

My Beauty Insider says

I’ve tried many high-end and expensive brands, and I have to say that Nefera skincare products really deliver on their promises (and what you’re paying for!). But then again, knowing Dr Kazem personally, I didn’t expect anything less.

After using Nefera Day Cream, Lifting Serum, and Night Cream for just a week, I can already see a tremendous difference in my skin quality. It looks brighter, smoother with more even complexion. And most importantly, I didn’t get any breakouts. What can I say, ten years of research have definitely paid off! I’m highly impressed with these skincare products. And I believe that NEFERA has already set a new standard in cellular skincare.

 Dr Kazem kindly offers My Beauty Insider readers 10% DISCOUNT on all
Nefera Skincare Products; just enter MBINSIDER code at the checkout.


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I'm a London based beauty researcher who is continuously on the hunt for the preventative and corrective skincare products and treatments and award-winning spas around the globe.

  • Rain says:

    Is there any other brand Nefera is comparable to to give me an idea of how great the product is? I’m really interested and curious. Hope you can post photos of progress using Nefera.

    • Hi! Nefera is very unique product. To be honest I don’t know any other product that delivers peptides into skin as efficiently. I’m 38 and I’ve been using Nefera for 3 months now, I think you can results by looking at my close up images but I will try to post more images in a future.

  • Mau says:

    It looks like the ingredients are well researched but gosh, the products are pricey. I’m curious to see other reviews of the products with before and after photos. With those prices you want to make sure that they do indeed deliver.

  • chami says:

    In this modern time, a lot of new technology comes out to help us feel and look young. Lots of people are willing to spend in order to achieve it. But its so good to find something thats worth our money.

  • Charlene G says:

    I can definitely relate to this. I’ve tried a lot of expensive skincare products but it never worked! Where can I buy this? I badly need this.

  • Alliah says:

    Besides having a good and effective anti-aging cream, I think a good outlook in life, healthy diet and daily exercise is also what’s needed to stay young and beautiful. But this is also good news. Thanks for the info.

  • Lovely says:

    I really enjoy using an Anti-aging cream but, I don’t think that you need to spend high to find a good one. 30$- 50$ would be okay.

  • Faith Marfil says:

    I do enjoy Anti-aging creams that are organic and made by local beauty producers. It is nice. cheap yet, effective.

  • Lovely Quezon says:

    I’ve heard of Nefera products before. I’m really impressed about how this product is created, from its source to its packaging. Truly, this is a one-of-kind beauty regimen. I can’t wait to test it myself. Thank you for this review.

  • Anna says:

    When you’re on your late 30’s to 40’s, even if you’re not a vain person, there will come a time that you would want to take care of yourself. And ageing skin is one of them. I think it’s okay to spend more if you would really want an effective product. So like what they said above, it’s nice to know a product that’s worth the price. I think I’ll have Nefera on my list.

  • Hari Priya says:

    Pretty interesting. This is the first time I am hearing about this product and I hope it is worth the price. My mother uses an anti aging cream and this is some local brand available in my place. I will definitely buy this for my mom and she will be very happy. Thanks for the post.

  • Mumarticles says:

    I agree that if you’re at that age then you’re willing to spend to a product that actually works. I have tried a lot and nothing works so I may try this.

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