SANI ASTERIAS – Where Family and Luxury Come Together

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SANI ASTERIAS – Where Family and Luxury Come Together

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SANI ASTERIAS - Where Family and Luxury Come Together
SANI ASTERIAS – Where Family and Luxury Come Together

When I hear the words ‘family hotel’, I instantly feel tense as I imagine myself by the pool with a cocktail in my hand surrounded by a bunch of screaming kids. If you don’t appreciate this kind of mental image you are probably just like me, trying to avoid so-called ‘family resorts’. Let’s face it, family and relaxation rarely go together.

However, when you have your own bundle of joy, you’ll probably realise that luxury resorts may not be the best option anymore. Most lack appropriate facilities, have restricted pool times for kids, or don’t allow little ones at all. And so you’ll find yourself doing more work looking after your child than enjoying yourself.

So this year I made it my mission to find a place that has it all. I wanted tasty and healthy food, tranquility, beautiful sandy beaches, a luxurious spa, and of course facilities to accommodate my 2-year-old’s needs. And my arduous search concluded with Sani Asterias – Luxury Family Resort.


Being a Londoner, right away I was drawn in by the images of crystal blue waters and white sandy beaches. The Asterias Suites looked truly luxurious. The hotel restaurant offered a menu created by a two Michelin-starred Grand Chef. And of course, the state of the art Spa instantly captured my attention. Asterias also seemed to have everything and beyond to keep my 2-year-old happy. Frankly, this hotel looked too good to be true! I read many online reviews and I was encouraged as they looked good. But being an exclusively ‘luxury retreat’ girl, I had to see it to believe it.

So in June we packed our bags and set off on our voyage to find the impossible. When we arrived at the hotel, a few members of staff greeted us and we were escorted to the bar for complimentary welcome drinks. I liked that! While having our drinks, a helpful receptionist came by to check us in, book our spa treatments and tell us more about the resort. Such a nice touch because regardless of how comfortable your journey might be, travelling with a toddler is exhausting. And the last thing you want to do is spend time filling out forms at a reception desk, while your toddler is trying to run off and explore.

Our deluxe suite, located on the ground floor, faced the marina and featured our own manicured garden. The suite was spacious, beautifully designed, with spectacular Aegean Sea views and a truly luxurious, gorgeous master bathroom. And in my book, the bathroom normally says it all!


Being a beauty addict I couldn’t wait to experience the Asterias Spa.  So as soon as I unpacked, I was on my way. The Spa Retreat was specifically designed to be luxurious but intimate at the same time. There are only three spacious treatment rooms – two single rooms with private steam baths, and one couples suite with a private sauna, enabling couples to enjoy therapies at the same time. All rooms have their own bespoke changing rooms and showers.

Separately, the Spa also has a thermal suite which offers both sauna and steam rooms, a fitness room and a Jacuzzi. Basically everything you need including hair, beauty and nail salons.


Sani Asterias, Luxury Spa, Luxury Hotel in Greece, Luxury Resort, luxury family vacation

The Spa offers treatments designed by Anne Sémonin, using renowned natural products and Cryotherapy method.

I went for the Asterias Luxury Ice Treatment. Perhaps my journey and the roaring +30°C temperature outside, compelled me to keep it cool.

My blissful ritual began with a wonderfully warm foot scrub using sea salt and white sand from Bora Bora. Then my skilful therapist continued with the Cryo Back Massage which felt extremely relaxing and at the same time very refreshing on my skin. My jet lag and all the tension from travelling with a toddler were gone in seconds. My treatment was followed by Anne Simonin signature anti-ageing facial with Cryo Radiance Ice Cubes. These cubes work by lowering the skin temperature causing the blood vessels to constrict, which accelerates the drainage of puff and blotch-inducing toxins, fluids and other metabolic wastes.  The freezing temperature also paves the way for optimal absorption of any topical products applied thereafter. The treatment left my skin de-puffed, lifted and glowing with a youthful radiance.

At the end of the session, I was led to the relaxation room where I had the chance to relax whilst sipping on a delicious, healthy smoothie. It was a delightfully restorative experience.

My Beauty Insider says

From the beginning to the end of our stay, everything screamed luxury. All the staff were extremely polite, helpful and friendly. The food was delicious with lots of healthy options not just in Asterias but across the entire Sani Resort.  For incredible views, I would recommend trying Pines and Ouzerie resturants at The Sani Club.

Sani Resort Bousoulas Beach

The resort delivers what it promises – A luxury, family vacation. There’s a professional creche operated by UK childcare specialists with Ofsted standards, a number of playgrounds, numerous activities for children of all ages. You can choose between a heated pool or beautiful sandy beaches, each at your doorstep. And the shallow water is both fun and safe for your kids. My personal favourite was that if you feel like going for a swim or just relaxing on the beach, you can leave your little one in the care of one of the resort’s many complimentary “Babe Watch” areas. Sometimes such small things really make a huge difference.

I would say Asterias definitely managed to turn a family vacation into a real vacation for both parents and children. This hotel has it all – location, facilities, great cuisine, luxurious accommodation and a beautiful spa. And all this is delivered with great attention to detail and impeccable execution – real five-star service. After all, this is what luxury is all about.



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