TANCREAM – Finally We Have A Self-Tanning Product That Has It All!

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TANCREAM - Finally We Have A Self-Tanning Product That Has It All
TANCREAM – Finally We Have A Self-Tanning Product That Has It All!

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Sun-kissed skin makes us look healthier, slimmer and helps us hide all kinds of imperfections; but at the same time, a sun tan is the WORST thing we can do to our skin!

After frying my skin in the sun throughout my 20s, now in my mid-thirties, I find myself spending time and money trying to repair the skin damage that was caused by the harmful sun rays. Malignant moles, wrinkles, and pigmentation – you name it. And it’s only after facing these that I finally understand that natural tan is just not worth risking your health and I have since turned to sunless tanning.

But sunless tanning can be tricky. I think most would agree that the ultimate self-tanning product needs to have:

  1. no orange! – natural looking colour
  2. no streaks! – easy and even application and fading
  3. no smells! – odour free
  4. no stains! – clean clothing and bedding

Moreover, the fake tanning process of DHA (ingredient in self-tanning products)on its own generates free radicals in the skin causing DNA deterioration and consequently aging.

Unfortunately, there are only a few products out there that adhere to all the above. And TANCREAM is one of them. TANCREAM is one of my recent discoveries that has quickly become one of my favourite products. This is because not only does this self-tanning cream offer all the aforementioned, it also works as a sunblock in combination with an anti-aging moisturizer. So instead of many different products, you need just one!


TANCREAM contains an excellent antioxidant called Troxerutin. Troxerutin has both anti-aging and anti-inflammatory properties. It’s a singlet oxygen quencher and a free-radical scavenger. This means free radicals are immediately reduced by scavenging and your skin is efficiently protected from free radical damage caused by DHA during the application. In addition, Troxerutin accelerates the fake tanning process of the DHA to give a faster and more intense colour.

TANCREAM also contains an optimised sunscreen system with SPF 50. Hence, five Star UVA protection, which reduces free radical formation.

The combination of this sunscreen system and Troxerutin work synergistically to protect the skin from free radicals caused by UV and pollution, and also free radicals caused by the fake tan reaction of DHA.

Gillian Robson, the co-founder, and CEO of  TANCREAM who went through numerous mole removal surgeries herself says:

“Years ago, like so many others I wasn’t aware of the dangers of the sun or sun beds. I didn’t protect my skin properly from sun damage… Having skin cancer has made me determined to develop a product to protect everybody’s skin and to educate people, especially the younger generation about the importance of sun protection from an early age and how it can save lives.”


TANCREAM is one of the best self-tanning products that I’ve tried so far. And over the last 15 years I’ve tried almost all them!

Aside from its anti-ageing properties, I fell in love with its smooth, light, mousse-like texture. I apply TANCREAM on top of my serum every morning instead of my moisturizer. It glides onto my skin surface leaving it glowing and hydrated, but not sticky. And it only takes seconds for my skin to absorb it!

My skin is prone to breakouts and I noticed that this product actually keeps them at bay. However, since this is not an oil-based product, those of you with a dry skin may find this product not nourishing enough. Therefore, I would suggest using your usual moisturizer on top of the TANCREAM.

From my first application, I got a nice golden tone and didn’t receive any usual complaints from my hubby about my skin smelling ‘funny’. It’s probably worth mentioning that TANCREAM also passed my ‘patch’ test. I stopped applying it for a week and my “tan” faded away naturally instead of leaving me looking like a dalmatian.

But most importantly, my mind is at ease with this product. I know that besides looking good, my skin is protected from environmental damage.

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I'm a London based beauty researcher who is continuously on the hunt for the preventative and corrective skincare products and treatments and award-winning spas around the globe.


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